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SINGAPORE: Singapore’s construction industry is set to grow over the next two years, but the global economic
uncertainty ahead could cause “havoc” on financial markets and business confidence.

President of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL), Ho Nyok Yong, made this point at a dinner on Tuesday evening.

Dr Ho said the construction industry’s growth will be sustained by demand for public housing and other major infrastructure projects.

He pointed out  that the industry is expected to pull in some S$30 billion this year alone, with public sector demand accounting for more than half of it.

But he urged  members to remain “watchful”, as the stumbling US economy and Europe debt issues  could ripple around the world.

He also highlighted several changes to  government policies that have affected the construction industry, including a 40 per cent reduction in foreign workers by 2013.

Dr Ho added that  contractors are facing problems hiring locals as Singaporeans generally shy away  from this industry, which is perceived to be dangerous, dirty and demanding.

He noted that the decline in enrolment in engineering courses  in tertiary institutions also further limits the pool of available talents that  can enter the industry.

To tackle these challenges, SCAL is collaborating  with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) on various scholarships and
study schemes.

The industry is also looking to raise  productivity.

At the dinner, Minister of State for National Development  Tan Chuan-Jin announced that BCA is exploring the development of a training and  certification scheme for productivity managers.

Certified managers will  lead the push for sustained productivity improvement within the construction industry.

- CNA/al , Singapore’s construction industry set to expand – Channel NewsAsia

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